Australian Pink Floyd Show

Updated: May 10, 2017
The Australian Pink Floyd Show

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Cover bands. Australian Pink Floyd Show. When we think about cover bands, our minds usually wander to the image of a cheesy group act wearing cheap wigs and undistinguished outfits while performing in a claustrophobic and condensed setting as they desperately attempt (or, oftentimes, fail) to capture the feel of a band from years gone by. When we think about cover bands, we don’t usually associate the words with the image of a group that has sold over four million tickets to concerts that have taken place in over 35 countries.

And yet, the Australian Pink Floyd Show has come to defy expectations, and to reverse all of your preconceived notions concerning cover bands.

Formed in 1988 in South Australia, the Australian Pink Floyd Show has morphed into the greatest tribute act on the planet. By working with the same technicians that assisted Pink Floyd and utilizing stellar visuals such as lasers, inflatables, and large display panels, the cover band has recreated the look, feel, and sound of Pink Floyd. TAPFS has released a string of hugely successful CDs and concert DVDs, has been the subject of a popular documentary (filmed at Montreal’s Bell Centre), and has been recognized as the first act to implement 3D stereoscopic projection and quadraphonic sound into its performances. Finally, in 1996, the group performed at Pink Floyd guitarist and co-lead vocalist David Gilmour’s 50th birthday party. If it’s good enough for David Gilmour, it’s good enough for us!

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is undeniably the biggest, greatest, and most daring cover band in the world. This summer, immerse yourself in an unparalleled concert experience by watching TAPFS recreate the magic of hit albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall at venues such as Casino Rama and Montreal’s Place des Arts. Come take a much-deserved walk down memory lane by listening to the tunes that defined a generation!