Nickelback Puts On One Hell Of A Show!

Updated: November 23, 2014

Being one of the best-selling rock groups in Canada has never been easy, but it seems like the members of Nickelback are forced to endure more scornful negativity and unjustified contemptuous criticism than their fellow artists and musicians.

Since breaking onto the music scene with 2000’s The State, the members of Nickelback have experienced incomparable prosperity, chart-topping singles, multi-platinum albums, and countless sold-out performances.

They’ve also experienced unwarranted disapproval and strongly voiced objections regarding their creative decisions and signature sound.

Fortunately, Nickelback has always been capable of taking their criticisms with a grain of salt. In fact, rather than choosing to wallow in their antagonism or change their sound to suit the interests of the general public, Nickelback has perfected the art of thriving on the hostility of their critics.

No Fixed Address features the lead single “Edge of Revolution”, and is a testament to the band’s brilliant endurance. Indeed, the band’s eighth album signifies just how far the band has come since their indie days, and how they remain unfazed by the ever-prominent negativity.

No Fixed Address proves that, regardless of their haters, the band will continue to experience incomparable prosperity. They will continue to create chart-topping singles. They will continue to release multi-platinum albums. They will continue to relish in the comfort of sold-out arenas.

Nickelback is completely bulletproof and, regardless of the kind of criticism they receive, they’ll always continue to have the last laugh.

If you can’t get enough of the band, you’ll be delighted to know that they’re Canada bound in 2015! That’s right; they’ll be taking the stage of famed venues such as Montreal’s Bell Centre, Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, and Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre! Be sure to check it out! After all; whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that Nickelback puts on one hell of a show!