For Chris Brown, X Marks The Spot!

Updated: December 10, 2014

For Chris Brown, X marks the spot!

In recent years, Chris Brown has been valiantly attempting to replicate the success of his earlier works amid irrepressible controversy, a plethora of relentless allegations, and negative media coverage. While 2009’s Graffiti and 2011’s F.A.M.E. were both commercially successful in their own right, they were incapable of mirroring the exceptional prosperity of Brown’s debut and sophomore albums. Indeed, Brown’s self-titled debut album, which featured the smash hits “Run It!” and “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)”, was eventually certified double platinum, whereas Brown’s critically-acclaimed 2007 follow-up cemented Brown’s status in hip-hop, and assured the world that this young star was here to stay.

As commercially successful as Graffiti and F.A.M.E. were, they couldn’t match the success of their predecessors. Meanwhile, Brown’s 2012 effort Fortune, while spawning hits such as “Sweet Love” and “Don’t Wake Me Up”, was panned by critics. In many ways, Fortune could’ve been the nail in the coffin of Brown’s career.

But then along came X.

Released in September 2014, X features some of Brown’s most poignant work. X hopes to remedy Brown’s recent harsh criticisms by offering a diverse and welcomed new sound that caters to critics and fans alike. Thus far, the album has received enormously positive reviews, and has debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. The critical and commercial success of the album is reminiscent of Brown’s early work. Above all, however, X is a testament to Brown’s relevance in the music industry, and proves that Brown’s undeniable talent, irresistible music, and expert showmanship is capable of transcending the negativity surrounding him.

In support of X, Chris Brown is embarking on tour, and he’s taking some special guests with him! Indeed, Brown’s latest North American tour will feature frequent collaborators Trey Songz and Tyga, who are sure to enhance the electric atmosphere of dynamic venues. You can catch the performers at venues such as Montreal’s Bell Centre and Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.