New Kids Return To The Block

Updated: November 23, 2014

For decades, boy bands have entertained and enchanted hordes of zealous fans across the world with catchy music and irresistible charm. At the moment, acts like One Direction and 5 Seconds to Summer have claimed the title of the world’s hottest boy band, but it’s important to reminisce on groups that spawned the cultural phenomenon that is the archetypal boy band.

Before there was One Direction, there were the Jonas Brothers. Before there were the Jonas Brothers, there was N’Sync. Before there was N’Sync, there were the Backstreet Boys. And before there were the Backstreet Boys, there were New Kids on the Block.

The charm of Joey McIntyre. The stellar choreography of Danny Wood. The dynamism of Donnie Wahlberg. The distinctive falsetto of Jordan Knight. The passion of Jonathan Knight. Together, these five teenagers were transformed into international cultural icons.

Assembled in 1984, NKOTB quickly developed into an unstoppable cultural phenomenon, and established themselves as one of the best-selling groups of all time.

At the height of the group’s success, the New Kids were breaking various records, and their earnings outdid the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Their merchandise increased dramatically. Their 1990 Pay-Per-View special broke cable TV records at the time. Their popularity extended to a Saturday morning cartoon and comic books.

They were, simply put, on top of the world.

Still, all good things must come to an end, and the band’s sales began to dwindle following accusations of lip-syncing. Following the release of 1994’s critically favoured but commercially disappointing Face the Music, NKOTB disbanded.

Since the disbandment, the New Kids have reunited on various occasions to release new material and to take their music on the road. In recent years, the New Kids collaborated on a tour and album with the Backstreet Boys. An upcoming reunion seems inevitable, so keep checking back to for all the latest NKOTB news!